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Sole Lab believes that every shoe deserves a great insole. Most shoes on the market today provide minimal support and marginal comfort when it comes to the insole. We are on a mission to make great insoles at affordable prices – adding comfort (and pop!) to your shoes one pair at a time.

Starting on the right foot

Modeled from the biometrics and anatomy of your feet, we’ve designed the adaptive shape throughout the length of the product that conforms to your foot shape, eliminating unnecessary gaps between the foot and the shoe. This allows you to connect to your shoes quicker for easier transitions during walking, running, and other activity. Complete synchronization.

Sole Lab insoles allow your feet to do more and go farther by combining lightweight performance materials with our revolutionary interlocking shape; transforming your shoe into a more stable, more comfortable ride.

By using the latest in re-engineered EVA, we’ve created the perfect balance of performance and comfort in your shoes: pillow-like feel when you want cushioning and a springy response when you’re ready for takeoff.

This “smart” material harnesses non-Newtonian principles, allowing the material to react differently under various impact conditions. The quick reactiveness the foam accelerates your movement while the cushioning deadens impact forces for lasting comfort.

Through our interlocking shape system, where the top surface of the insole forms to the foot, while the bottom surface forms to the shoe, Sole Labs act as a bridging unit to connect your foot and your shoe.

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our story

Sole Lab is a small company with a passion for happy feet. We were tired of high-priced, low- tech, boring insoles! We wanted to design insoles that work for almost every part of life – everything from your daily commute to running (around chasing kids) to walking the dog.

We created affordable, universal insoles with a personality. We only sell direct to the consumer, keeping our prices low. You aren’t paying for costly TV commercials or gimmicks that don’t provide the best support and comfort for your feet.

We think that your Sole Lab insoles will be your favorite insoles and we even put a money-back guarantee on it! We know you will be satisfied with the cush and support added to your shoes every time you put them on.

our products

our products