Why Sole Lab?

Not only do they look spiffy, but they feel awesome! Sole Lab was built on a foundation of passion for comfort. We sell direct to consumer and don’t have expensive national advertising. This allows us to create an exceptional product at a very reasonable price. Every shoe deserves a great insole, and we wanted to make them affordable so that our customers can have a pair in all of their shoes.

What shoes will Sole Lab insoles work for?

Just about any shoe! Keep in mind the available volume in your shoe when choosing an insole. The Men’s Work insole is thicker than the other 2 Men’s products. For women, if there is not a lot of room in the shoe, consider the Women’s dress for arch support without filling up space in the toe of the shoe.

Which Sole Lab insoles are best for me?

It depends on the shoe you will be putting them in. Sole Lab insoles have a universal fit and will fit most feet. Here is a list of the best matches:

Men’s Work – Best for shoes you wear when you are on your feet all day. Will fit work boots, sneakers, hiking boots, casual shoes.

Men’s Dress – Best for shoes that have a slightly lower volume inside, or less room for an insole. Will fit dress shoes, casual sneakers, chukkas, loafers and slip-ons.

Men’s Sport – Best for athletic shoes worn for just about any sport. Will fit running shoes, baseball shoes, cross training shoes, lifting shoes, golf shoes, tennis shoes, ski boots and more!

Women’s Flat – This is the most versatile women’s insole designed to fit most shoes. It takes up minimal volume, so the possibilities are endless. Will fit in flats, loafers, boots, sneakers, clogs, and more.

Women’s Dress – Best for tight dress shoes with little to no support. Will fit and add arch support to flats, boots, booties, loafers, low-heeled wedge/boots.

Women’s Running – Designed for running, but best for athletic shoes of any kind. Will fit in running shoes, tennis shoes, golf shoes, cross training shoes, dance shoes, or even everyday sneakers.

What makes Sole Lab women’s insoles different?

Women’s feet are biologically different than men’s feet. Most insole companies simply change the size of the men’s insole to create their women’s insoles. Sole Lab has done studies and tests to determine the right proportions to fit women’s feet better!

Does Sole Lab make insoles for high heels?

Not at this time, but for heeled boots – try the Women’s Dress or the Women’s flat!

What is the best insole for Plantar Fasciitis?

All of the Sole Lab insoles will help alleviate the symptoms of Plantar Fasciitis, it is more important to choose the right insole for the shoe you need it in!

What is the best insole for flat feet?

While all Sole Lab insoles will help flat feet, the most pronounced arch will be in the Men’s Work and the Women’s Running products.

Why are the sizes in ranges?

The insoles range one and a half shoe sizes per insole size. This will allow you to trim the insole for a perfect fit!

My original insole is glued into my shoe, what do I do?

Slowly peel the old insole out of the shoe, making sure to take off all glue and excess material. Then trim if needed and insert your Sole Lab insole.

Do I take out the insole in my shoe or just put the new insole on top of it?

You will ideally want to take the old insole out. If it is not removable for some reason, you can try to put the Sole Lab insole over the existing insole as long as the shoe does not become too tight.

How do I trim my Sole Lab insole?

Simply remove the existing insole from the shoe and align it at the heel with your new Sole Lab insole and trim the excess at the toe with sharp scissors. That’s it!

What kind of packaging do Sole Lab insoles come in?

Your new insoles will come in an easy-to-open recycled and re-useable cardboard box. No clamshell to struggle with!

How will Sole Lab insoles make my shoes more comfortable?

Sole Lab insoles use advanced materials to create lasting support and comfort. The arch support will alleviate pain and help to align the rest of your body. We added heel and forefoot pads to add extra cushioning and bounce in your step.

How long will my Sole Lab insoles last?

Sole Lab insoles are designed to have minimal pack-out and the top cover is very durable. It of course depends on how much you wear your shoes, but if you use them in one pair of shoes, they should last for the life of the shoe.

What is the money-back guarantee?

We want you to be completely satisfied with your Sole Lab insoles! If for some reason you aren’t happy with your purchase, we want to hear from you! Contact us at sos@solelabinsoles.com and let us know how we can help. We are happy to give you a full refund within 30 days of your purchase. You will be given a return shipping label and simply drop them in the mail in the original box to send them back.